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30% - 50% Tax Relief on what you invest

No Income Tax to pay on Profits
(if disposing of shares after 3 years)

No Capital Gains Tax
(if disposing of shares after 3 years)

Capital Gains Tax Deferral or 50% write off
(if any outstanding or due)

Shares Exempt from Inheritance Tax
(after 2 years)

Further Tax Relief if any losses incurred
(on disposal of shares)

SEIS/EIS Scheme Fully Approved by HMRC

The UK box office recorded its highest-grossing year of all time in 2015, with revenues reaching £1.24bn, a 17% year-on-year increase

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Our projects come with the following benefits

With UK Film Studios looking towards private investors to fund new projects and the possibility of huge returns - now is the time to find out how to get involved in the Film Industry.

Why Invest in Films?

Did you know as well as being a fantastic investment opportunity you can get some great perks too?

Film Set Visits

Chance to Appear as an Extra

Private Screenings

Red Carpet Events

Name in the Credits

Photos with the Stars


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